About R&W Towing & Recovery LLC

R&W Towing & Recovery LLC offers 24/7 tow and recovery services to individuals in and around Saint Joseph and Mound City. Aside from reliable service and a high-level of professionalism, we also offer long distance towing and heavy equipment /machinery hauling that most of our leading competitors cannot provide.

Along with our towing services, R&W Towing & Recovery LLC participates in regular auto auctions. All types of vehicles are available for auction, making this the perfect event for scrap collectors and people performing classic vehicle restorations.

We offer convenient 24/7 office hours  towing services. If you need towing in Saint Joseph, Mound City or the surrounding areas or are interested in heavy equipment/machinery hauling and long distance towing – call R&W Towing & Recovery LLC today!

Semi Rollover Recovery Upright Semi
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